Two Butterflies Gone and Seven to Go

butterfly 12.jpg

Butterfly 2 is done!

Work definitely got tough this week. I didn’t move as far along as I had hoped, but I’m super happy with the work that I managed to get done. I finished the second butterfly (it might be a moth) and I can tell I’ve improved. The stitches are a lot  more clean and neat, as well as tight. I’m definitely worried about the structural integrity of the first butterfly. As a comparison, here’s the back of the first versus the second-

butterfly 8

The back of the first


The back of the second

It may be hard to tell just by looking, but there is a lot more organization in the second butterfly. I tried to plan where I was going with my stitches to help me save floss and help keep the back a bit more neat. This also minimizes the amount of extra long pieces of floss in the back that could come undone. You can also see that I took a different approach in doing the outline on the second butterfly. I did it entirely through backstitching rather than trying to do traditional embroidery, as I did on the inner lines and the antennas. This gives it a smoother look with less gaps between the corners. That being said, I also used higher quality thread on this butterfly than the last. That, combined with the far more forgiving color of brown versus black, I’m super happy with how the embroidery looks this time around.

butterfly 14-1.jpg

Starting on Butterfly 3

In other news, I’ve started in on the third butterfly. I think this is supposed to be a monarch butterfly (all of the names are written on the quilt), so I’m happy to see one I recognize. I may have to go to the store and pick up even more floss, as I’m running out of black and gray now, and I don’t have the orange that the pattern wants me to have. This is, by far, the most frustrating part of doing this project. Anytime I think I have the right colors, it turns out I don’t!

I think after this butterfly, I may have to take a break and start on some leaves and some of the words, just to get a fresh look at the piece. Jumping around on colors and repeating patterns is getting a little tiring. I’m always excited to start and finish a butterfly as soon as I can, but I get a little burnt out by the time I’m halfway done with it. Doing something different for a while may help.