X-files and X-stitch



Butterfly #2 Halfway Done

It’s week 2 of the ILP, and cross stitching is going great so far. I’m excited every time I get to pull out my quilt and see how the butterflies are coming together. For some reason, it’s so hard for me to envision what the end product will look like, up until I get about halfway done (as seen above). I didn’t really thing I’d like Butterfly #2’s colors, and I thought about changing them, but I’m very glad I didn’t.

My progress so far has been great. I’m moving much faster in my stitching and moving throughout the entire process much quicker, so I’m overall getting things done faster. In a few hours time, I can complete a wing of a butterfly, all whilst binging the x-files for the first time. It’s great company, and I love that i have something to keep my hands busy for once (I usually play sudoku or do something on my phone).


Mulder and Scully are keeping me company while I cross stitch.

However, I’m also finding myself with a little less time every day to do some cross stitch, so In that regard, progress has slowed a bit. I had hoped to have this butterfly done by the end of this week, but oh well! That’s life.

As far as my own technique and learning experience, I’m getting much better with my embroidery, though it’s still a little crooked looking. My stitches are getting tighter and more uniform, and I can personally see a huge difference between this butterfly and the first one. I’m hoping by the time I finish the entire quilt, it will be very obvious how I’ve progressed! One of the perks of having a physical project that I get to do every week is seeing my progress.

Butlerfly 10.jpg

Butterfly #2 before the embroidery.

I haven’t really had the opportunity or reason to learn anything new about cross stitch this week, unfortunately, but I am looking to the future with my projects, and that’s very exciting. I’m hoping I can get the entire quilt done, with the hand quilting, batting, and doing the border, all things I’ve never done before. Afterwards, I think I’m going to try my hand at some counted cross stitch, and I’ve found some great pieces that I want to make for some friends.

Right now, I haven’t told anyone in my family, and only one friend about what I’m doing, so I’m hoping to surprise everyone with my finished quilt when it’s done! I can’t wait to see what kinds of reactions I get from it. Hopefully I will be able to finish the entire project before class is up, so I can report back and let everyone know what my family thinks. I’m not typically a super crafty person, so hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise.


Butterfly #2 all naked.


In the meantime, I’m going to keep chugging along and finishing as much of my butterflies as possible. I’m hoping to get a butterfly done each week.



  1. One very important tip I have for you when you start doing counted cross stitch with no printed pattern remember to count. I am always miscounting and because I am such a perfectionist I end up ripping out all my stitches and starting over and then usually somewhere there is a mistake. Oh well 🙂

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  2. 2shaye · February 9, 2016

    That’s great that you can binge watch X-files at the same time. LOL I really do hope you’re able to finish by the end of the semester. That would be so neat after tracking your progress over these four months. Fingers crossed!!


    • Alyssa · February 10, 2016

      I love having something to do while I watch netflix! Otherwise, I have a hard time paying attention and I feel like x-files is something you have to pay attention to in order to understand lol. I hope I am able to finish. I really feel like it’s an achievable goal.


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